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Thermal Powertech Corporation India Limited (TPCIL), a company incorporated under Company’s Act 1956 on 8th January 2008, is a joint venture between Hyderabad-based Gayatri Energy Venture Pvt Ltd (GEVPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Gayatri Projects ltd. and Singapore-based Sembcorp Utilities, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Industries Ltd, to build, own and operate a 1,320-megawatt (2x660MW units) coal-fired coastal power plant in India.


Over the years GEVPL has established itself as a pioneering organisation in construction sector while Sembcorp is a leading energy and water company with worldwide presence and expertise in Singapore, China, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, the UAE and Oman.


Backed by two established companies, TPCIL is building the power plant which is expected to begin commercial operation by mid-2014. The plant will utilise supercritical technology which allows for enhanced efficiency, thereby reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants by consuming less fuel per unit of electricity generated compared to conventional sub-critical coal-fired generating units. The project is expected to be implemented in two phases, with the first unit of 660 megawatts expected to be completed by mid-2014, and the second unit by end-2014.


The Project is located near sea coast of Bay of Bengal at Krishnapatnam, Mutukur Mandal, SPS Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh. The site is located 26 km from the Nellore City and 8 km from Krishnapatnam Port. The latitude & longitude of North South extremes of Site are 80°08'35.956’’E & 14°19'5.211’’N and 80°09'16.325’’E &14°21'0.874’’N respectively. The nearest national highway is NH5 which is 18 km away from site (NH5 connects Chennai with Vijayawada). Chennai International Airport is 170 km away from the site. The nearest domestic airport is at Renigunta (Tirupati) which is about 130 km from site. The site is generally barren with minimum undulations and patches of trees & bushes. There is no habitation on the site.


Imported coal will be transported by ship to Krishnapatnam Port. Indigenous coal will be brought by rail from Ib Valley/Talcher to Paradip/ Dhamra Port and then transported by sea to Krishnapatnam Port. From Port ,the coal shall be transported to the Power Plant by covered conveyors. Fuel Oil will be transported by road tankers.


The sea water from Bay of Bengal, located 0.6 km from the plant boundary, will be used as source of water for the project. Sea water will be directly used for condenser cooling through re-circulating type cooling water system. The fresh water requirement for demineralisation plant, services and other uses will be met by installation of desalination plant. The estimated water consumption requirement from three units is about 14000 m3 / hr. This water would be made available from sea through submarine pipeline (gravity flow) or a groin type structure. An onshore pump house shall be installed to pump the water to various facilities in the plant.





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